The Arkenstone Kernel
     Kernel for the Nexus 4 and 5

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Simple AOSP is an aftermarket distribution of Android. Just like AOSPA, CM, Omni, AOKP, etc. This ROM focuses on performance, speed, and stability. The only things added to this are the ones that makes it easy to use. This Project is made by Banks, Snak3ater, Chochiwpg and Me. 


Installing this will void warranty, this is highly experimental and is an ongoing development. Recommended to use The Arkenstone for this ROM to have a better user experience. ROM comes with Arkenstone as default.

What's inside:

- CM Theme Chooser with all bug fixes
- Hover with floating window
- Peek
- Auto brightness Configuration
- Advanced Power Menu
- Battery light
- PA QS Tiles Customization
- PA recents clear all Button
- PA Battery Icons
- Expandable Volume Panel
- Gapps Backup Script
- IME selector notification option
- Incoming call in Background
- Incall vibration options
- Integrated Supersu in Settings
- Lokscreen Slider Shortcuts
- Lock screen see through
- Lock screen Blur
- Lock screen wallpaper
- Notification Light Customization
- Nav bar Height customiztion
- Navring shortcuts
- Notification Count
- Quick unlock
- QS swipe to switch
- Quick Settings Pull Down
- Slim Clock customization
- Smooth Progress Bars
- Statusbar Double tap to sleep
- Screenshot: Quick delete
- Status bar: Date/Time actions
- Statusbar brightness control
- Two line layout for statusbar Date/time
- Volume wake/music control/safe headset & cursor control
- etc...

How to's:

- Download ROM below

- Flash GApps ( I would flash Banks GApps )

- Flash ROOT

- Bitch slap an iPhone user, Smile!

- Profit

Now stop reading and start downloading!

DO NOT SHARE THE LINK TO ANYONE, point them here to download it. 


Follow Instructions that are Posted on top. And READ READ READ!!! Latest builds will be posted on the link above, follow it and check the latest. And all ROM related concerns, please post on the forums section of this website. We will not entertain any ROM related issues on the xda thread of Arkenstone to respect xda rules for it. Thanks!

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