The Arkenstone Kernel
     Kernel for the Nexus 4 and 5

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This is The Arkenstone kernel, a kernel built for speed and performance. This kernel is clocked up to the safest and stable point that the device can handle without problems. If you're looking for the a stable built kernel with enhancements this is the kernel for you.


If you install this kernel you already know the consequences, I'm not responsible for anything that you might encounter once you install this. You know the procedure of flashing and installing so do not point fingers.

How to's:

- Download kernel from the downloads section of this website
- save to sdcard
- reboot to recovery
- wipe cache and dalvik cache
- install kernel
- bitch slap an iPhone user, Smile!
- reboot
- Profit!


Special Thanks:

Ak Kernel by Anarkia
PAEK Kernel by Ayysir
SaberMod by Sparksco
Team AOSPAL by MikeCriggs
Mikeonic for the Website
Nexus 4 && 5 Kernel Devs
Mikeonic on XDA for Website Design
And to all people supporting the development.

Please consider a small donation to help with development

A Kernel to be treasured 

by Gnome over a year ago
by Gnome over a year ago
by Gnome over a year ago

Please consider a small donation for development.

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